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Corporate Social Responsibility

Guided by our company value of Social Responsibility, we are committed to meeting the highest standards of corporate citizenship. As a company, we feel a strong sense of social responsibility with the aim of caring for the well-being of the society at large.

We understand the importance of our responsibility towards caring for our Environment. At NAGS we have a number of initiatives including reducing, reusing and recycling resources through the following means:


·       Recycling auto-glass: we encourage every single unwanted auto glass is collected from our customers for recycling

·       Only using recyclable packaging material such as cartons

·       Discontinuing the use of precious wood for packaging in favour of recycled cartons

·       Heavy promotion of paperless systems such as electronic catalogues, emailing invoices, statements, etc

·       Use of renewable energy on our properties – we are currently evaluating proposals to completely switch across to 100% renewal energy

recycle glass

We are committed, as a company and as individuals to support a number of charitable organisations. Every year NAGS directly or indirectly is involved in sponsorship of cataract operations, poverty alleviation, sporting events and other charitable activities.